ESTAMPRO performs various types of welding, TIG (tungsten inert gas), MIG (metal inert gas ), resistance welding (spot welding), robotic welding and mechanical welding . Our welders are trained on a regular basis to maintain and develop their skills. We are certified according to the standard W47.1 by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). We are also accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS). We weld steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
If you have a welding project that requires evaluation or compliance with certain criteria of mechanical strength or resistance to corrosion, our people have the expertise that will ensure compliance of the weld.

The different welding methods we offer, periodic requalification of our welders, the experience gained over the years, the expertise of our team and finally the variety of welding equipment we operate is a mark of success for your projects that require high quality welds.

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ESTAMPRO, 104, Parc Industrial Road, Saint-Évariste (Québec) Canada G0M 1S0   •   Tel.: 418 459-3423