Equipment and Expertise

Energy transportation and distribution is a business sector where the material used must be able to resist extreme conditions: heat, freeze, humidity, wind, ice, etc. ESTAMPRO has the right equipment and above all the expertise to fabricate sturdy and durable parts that these harsh conditions require. We’ve been doing so for the past 30 years.

Just in time

We know that your assembly and installation schedule requires a just-in-time supply chain in order to control costs and optimize performances. Thanks to our precise project management, you will receive the ordered material at just the right moment, every time.

Inventory program (Kanban system)

The goal of our inventory program is to fabricate parts in batches of specific quantities that will allow to reduce their costs per unit. The parts are then stored in our warehouse, ready to be shipped. This ensures an uninterrupted supply chain, while maintaining reduced costs. A direct benefit for our clients.

Production capacity

As a responsible company, our production planning only requires 80% of its total capacity. The remaining 20% is available for emergency requests so as to avoid pushing our equipment and workforce past their limits. Production flexibility without increasing the risk of work injuries and errors.


On demand, the ordered material can be protected by different finishing processes or by galvanization. All the galvanized parts meet the ASTM-A123 standard. We control the thickness of the zinc coating, the surface’s evenness, the continuity of the finish, adherence and the chemical bond. Our parts are sturdy and durable.

Our clients

Our clients include governmental organizations, multinational corporations, as well as small and medium sized businesses. Whatever their size or geographic location, they all have one thing in common: they know the value of partnering up with ESTAMPRO.



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