In a precisely coordinated world where everything must occur at the right time, breakage that could delay the progress of a project is simply not acceptable. The construction industry requires durable and reliable equipment. ESTAMPRO manufactures metal components and assemblies with the necessary care to ensure that robustness and functionality are optimal.


Once on a job site, everything should work as expected. Nonconformity can jeopardize an entire project and even endanger worker’s life. The accuracy of each manufactured part is a key factor for safety and success. This precision is reflected in each metallic component manufactured by ESTAMPRO.


Good design optimizes parts efficiency and therefore finished products. At ESTAMPRO, we aim further. We work closely with our customers in order to bring the design to a higher level. Our goal is to create parts that will perfectly achieve their purpose but also to reduce manufacturing cost. Efficiency is then combined with cost control for a winning result in every aspect.


Project management is a valuable art in the field of construction as well as in metal components and assemblies manufacturing. We understand the significance of delivery timeliness and make every effort to achieve it.


On demand, the ordered material can be protected by different finishing processes or by galvanization. All the galvanized parts meet the ASTM-A123 standard. We control the thickness of the zinc coating, the surface’s evenness, the continuity of the finish, adherence and the chemical bond. Our parts are sturdy and durable.

Our clients

Our clients include governmental organizations, multinational corporations, as well as small and medium sized businesses. Whatever their size or geographic location, they all have one thing in common: they know the value of partnering up with ESTAMPRO.



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