Expert in Metal Component Manufacturing and Assembly

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Since over 30 years, ESTAMPRO stands out in processing and manufacturing of metal components and assemblies. Our 62,500 sq. ft. plant is the home of our large fleet of equipment at the cutting edge of technology. We perform on-site cutting, machining, stamping, punching, folding, bending, welding and assembly of all our parts. Carrying all stages of production under one roof allows us to deliver metallic products, components and subassemblies readily, while keeping a perfect control over quality. A second 10,000 sq. ft. plant is dedicated to larger assemblies. Furthermore, an additional brand new 30,000 sq. ft extension began operations in January 2016 and now houses our welding department. 

The quest for excellence is anchored in ESTAMPRO’s corporate culture. Our management model promote innovation and continuous learning. We combine a rigorous quality assurance system with constant renewal of equipment to maintain the best manufacturing environment. We rely on a strong ERP system to monitor and manage performances. In brief, we make sure all the mechanisms are in place to ensure improvement and excellence. Your best choice for the production of metal products and components: ESTAMPRO.


ESTAMPRO, 104, Parc Industrial Road, Saint-Évariste (Québec) Canada G0M 1S0   •   Tel.: 418 459-3423